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After sharing a few heartthrobs with all of you, continuing our Valentine’s Day Special, I’ve decided to give myself a present.

Using body parts, qualities, hobbies, and whatever else I can find from my favorite musicians, I’m going to create my perfect boyfriend 😀 So here we go, press play and find out how the perfect man looks like (to me, of course).

The film was partially funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign, and according to Green, the film took five years to complete.

Green pointed out that the idea for making the set out of papier mâché came from his wife Jasmine.

I’m going to bring the projector and afterwards people can get whatever, you know wasted, and watch this movie if they want and do it in a room together.

Green released a description of the film through an official press release.

, Green’s second feature film explores the recesses of Green’s symbolic imagination.

He has hair like Alex Turner’s: Andrew Van Wyngarden’s eyes: Ezra Koenig’s smile: Adam Levine’s tattoos: Mark Foster’s dance moves: Mark Pontius’ surfing skills: Julian Casablanca’s mysteriousness: Guy Berryman’s witty humor: Brandon Flower’s romantic ways: Phillip Phillips’ cuteness: Mixed with Jared Followill’s douchebag ways: And finally with (even though he’s not a musician) Cory Kennedy’s skateboarding: So, that’s it, If you know this person please make sure to introduce him to me.

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With a cast of friends and NYC artisans including Macaulay Culkin, Natasha Lyonne, Alia Shawkat, and former Moldy Peach Jack Dishel, is a low budget odyssey that toys with audience expectations, timeless archetypes and some modern twists… Ahead of a tour on which Green is playing tunes from his entire back catalog, along with music from the movie in a live show that follows screenings of the film, ARTISTdirect’s Christopher Friedmann sat down with the artist to discuss his ambitious project, the team involved in supporting his dreams and the timelessness of a good story. That’s kind of what I wanted to do at the beginning.

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  1. The drama has had an important real-life influence on the actress: she is now dating Kiwi actor Gareth Williams, 32. Williams broke up with star Antonia Prebble last year, after a seven-year relationship, and Spy understands Prebble wishes the couple well.