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There is an etiquette even for your cellphone usage.

Everyone has one, and there seems to be no limit to what people are willing to do with their phones in public.

I've never had that happen to me but I have been on many dates where that call comes and my date tells me that was her friend seeing if she needed to get out of the date.

If you are going to go out on a date keep your cellphone silent.

With phones, it sometimes appears that only one rule applies: push the boundaries of ‘polite’ behavior until someone pushes back. It is safe to say that everyone has their pet peeves regarding cell phones, and a recent poll states that 92% of people want others to have better etiquette and that manners are worsening over time.

A shocking 48% of people polled even used their phones in the bathroom!

My cell phone is a part of my everyday life: I check my email, I send quick text messages to friends and family, I play Words With Friends with my extended family, I take photos of fun items, I update social media for business, I check the traffic, I listen to music, I check the weather, etc. My awareness of my own "Red Dot Syndrome" helps me know when I need to put the phone down and leave those annoying red dots for later.

Suddenly, there aren’t any rules, nor are there any old rules to fall back on in questionable situations.

I was out to dinner the other day with a large group of people and as I scanned across the table, I noticed about half of them had their cell phones out. I pulled my cell phone out to share my recent Halloween adventure with my friends and as I was shutting off the phone, I noticed I had a few more new emails waiting in my inbox.

The phones were either sitting on the table in clear vision, or were currently in use, either being shared with others, or used individually to "step out" of the dinner conversations. Every time my i Phone has a new phone call, a new text message, or an unread email, a red dot appears on each application to notify me of the item.

Unfortunately, it appears that with the ability to regularly network with the world, we’ve forgotten to engage with those closest to us.

Today we will cover A hundred years ago, it would have been considered a shocking breach of etiquette to wear a watch of any kind to a dinner party; it would have implied that you had better things to do than focus on your host.

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