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That was the bliss of it."Afterwards we'd be laughing in the street."O'Grady said there is a "definite skill" to being Blind Date's presenter, "because you're not interviewing celebrities, like I used to".He said: "You're interviewing the public, so they're not as confident.: "Wax on, wax off" is hands down the best way to wash your car, and Daniel is the good guy taking down those nasty Cobra Kais! While the classic '80s underdog story seems pretty straightforward at first, a new video is asking people to look at things from Johnny's point of view, and we have to admit it's pretty shocking!

The diminutive actress appeared in over 100 films, but was unable to make the transition to sound films.

Obviously this video glosses over the fact that Johnny and his crew pretty much tried to KILL Daniel at one point in the film, but it definitely makes some interesting points!! Tags: bully, cobra kai, daniel, film flickers, funny, johnny, karate kid, nostalgia, silly!

, the karate kid, video, villain, youtube Most guys would be in a TON of trouble if they missed the birth of their baby for a football game! The Super Bowl winning quarterback and his wifey Dana Grady welcomed their second baby boy, Daniel, to the world yesterday, but Joe missed out on the action!

All the stereotypical stuff."Regaling a story of one of their many foreign holidays together, O'Grady said: "We were in America, and someone said 'What do you do?

' and I said 'Oh we're undertakers, it's a family firm, and my sister, Cilla, has just won embalmer of the year', and Cilla would look at me with a poker face."It was a hoot because nobody knew who Cilla was, and if they didn't know who Cilla was in the States they didn't have a clue about me.

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