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The company continued to expand, and was sold to the Avnet Corporation, which moved production to Westerly, Rhode Island, in 1966.

As the folk scene quieted, a new generation of folk-rockers took Guild guitars on stage.

The following series of charts contain the most accurate information Guild has available for discerning the date of manufacture of Guild guitars by serial number.

Through the years, (as well as through several different owners of the Guild Guitar company), some historical documentation has unfortunately been lost or destroyed.

The first Guild workshop was located in Manhattan, New York, where Dronge (who soon took over full ownership) focused on archtop jazz guitars, both electric and acoustic. The advent of the folk music craze in the early '60s had shifted the company into production of an important line of acoustic folk and blues guitars, including a dreadnought series (D-40, D-50 and, later, D-55) that competed successfully with Martin's D-18 and D-28 models, and jumbo and Grand Concert "F" models that were particularly popular with blues guitarists like Dave Van Ronk.

Rapid expansion forced the company to move to much larger quarters, on Newark St. Notable also was the Guild 12-string guitar, which used a Jumbo "F" body and dual truss rods in the neck to produce a workhorse instrument with a deep, rich tone distinctive from the chimier twelve-strings put out by Martin.

There are no corresponding model names or numbers available. It is probably worth more than the dollars you will sell it for.

I have never tried another guitar south of 00 that could compare.There are far better guitars out there for 0, both new and used... __________________ Guild F212: 1964 (Hoboken), Guild Mark V: 1975 (Westerly), Guild Artist Award: 1975 (Westerly), Guild F50: 1976 (Westerly), Guild D-55, 1979 (Westerly), Guild X170: 1988 (Westerly), Guild D-50: 1991 (Westerly), Guild F-40: 2007 (Tacoma) Guild F512: 2010 (New Hartford), Pawless Mesquite Special: 2012, Miscellaneous others.__________________ Guild CO-2 Guild JF30-12 Guild D55 Goodall Grand Concert Cutaway Walnut/Italian Spruce Santa Cruz Brazilian VJ Taylor 8 String Baritone Blueberry - Grand Concert Magnum Opus J450 Eastman AJ815 Parker PA-24 Babicz Jumbo Identity Walden G730 Silvercreek T170 Charvell 150 SC Takimine G406s I've had my Madiera A30M for about 40 years now. It immediately gets attention as soon as I take it out of the case.from this Guild economy line--which apparently was most active in the seventies and early eighties?I'm trying to figure out if one era was better than another--how an A-9 differed from an A-30--or how an A-25 differed from an A-30 for that matter.

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There are other resources for dating Guild guitars which you may also want to consult, such as: "The Guild Guitar Book" by Hans Moust, and "Gruhn's Guide To Vintage Guitars" by George Gruhn.

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