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We get more excited about successful transformation stories than any other application and our members who transform themselves tell us how our rejection letter was the best thing that could have ever happened to them - and that we've positively enhanced their lives."To join the site, there is a 48-hour voting period where members of the opposite sex decide whether they are attractive enough to join."One British user of the site said: "Like most students I piled the weight on at uni.I have always, always hated my big hooked nose."I lost some weight after uni and finally had the courage to take the plunge and get a nose job in June 2014.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members.

Here is the link to the website: Online Dating Sites, Internet Dating Websites - Beautiful It only a website for beautiful people only and to be a member you have to be approved by members to join this elite website.

I have not joined and not sure yet if I want to join yet.

Keep up with this story and more “The privacy and security of our members is of paramount importance to us, and this matter is being investigated,” Beautiful People says in a statement.

“All impacted members are, of course, being notified once again.

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The data does not contain any credit card information and user passwords are encrypted.”“As far as we were aware, at that time, only the two security researchers who informed us of the breach had access to this data,” the statement reads.

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