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To capitalize on adult advice that clearly works, we found 11 cool NYC beauties whose effortless glows also owe much to their mamas.

Since we wanted the dirt (or really, lack thereof) on their natural radiance, we hit up these girls to share the beauty secrets of the women who raised them.

Or then you start balking for some reason—you know, it's a different time in your life when you're not meeting someone who you're going to start a life with," she says.

And then there's that fear of being alone or that you might never meet someone else …""I don't know," Gordon muses.

It's telling that Elle Mc Pherson booked yet another dual month issue for this magazine, her last one must've been a quite a hit.

And while I like the fact that she's not overexposed, a Vogue Australia cover would be nice. this is by my estimate, her 8th cover for Bazaar Australia.

"There's a certain lightness about being here—you know, the weather," she says.

"And then being in a house that has almost nothing in it is liberating in a way.

Review: WHEN ELLE MET ROSIE Fashion editor/stylist: Karla Clarke Photographer: Nick Leary Hair: Sophie Roberts Make-up: Linda Jefferyes Model: Elle Macpherson THE FAMILY STALLONE Fashion editor: Karla Clarke & Caroline Tran Photographer: Darren Mc Donald Hair: Nikki Providence Make-up: Natasha Severino Models: the Stallone sisters JR'S BREAKOUT ARTISTS Photographer: JR Actors and Musicians: Guests at Madonna's Oscar party CHOP & CHANGE Fashion editor: Caroline Tran Photographer: Sam Bisso Hair: Jamie Furlan Make-up: Ross Andrewartha Model/Socialite: Lindy Klim (designer and Balinese Royal) DIAMONDS IN THE SKY Fashion editor: Joanna Hillman Photographer: Michael Avedon Hair: Tommy Buckett Make-up: Hung Vanngo Model: Sanne Vloet BEAUTY ED Fashion editor: Naomi Smith Photographer: Pierre Toussaint Hair: Koh Make-up: Victoria Baron Model: Lila Flowers you're so welcome Benn98! In essence the term refers to what regular, everyday people are wearing "on the streets," and thus reflects general trends that many people are wearing.In recent years street style has evolved into something more aspirational and inspirational, and some key trends that have emerged are creating interest through silhouette, color, pattern, and well-fitting clothes.In case anyone was wondering, Lottie Moss didn't have an ed, just one of those little '24 hours with...' features where they describe their day.Hers was pretty dull, a lot of plugging products and brands she endorses e.g she just so happened to recommend Bvlgari bags.

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Of all the things that our mothers ever told us, ("Your face is gonna freeze that way," "Don't sit so close to the TV," and "Only introduce him to me if you think he's husband material"), we probably paid the closest attention to generational wisdom of the beauty variety.

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