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They are truly awakening a generation for God" Pastor John Kilpatrick, Pastor and author, Church of His Presence, Daphne, AL “There is nothing worse in life than loving God with all of your heart but then struggling to find the strength and motivation to live for Him daily.

Karen Schatzline has generously shared the details of her journey to remind us all that God never designed us to function and operate in our human strength alone.

I mean, I knew different forms of birth control came with their side effects, so why was I even taking the risk? side effects, only to find nothing relevant listed, even in the rarer cases.

After researching other forms of birth control, this one was the obvious choice for me. I told you all about my kidney infection in March, when I discussed the perils of life without health insurance.

Not only would I not have to worry about taking a pill every day, but I’d been on it five years earlier, with no side effects. What started as a bladder infection that I couldn’t afford to treat, eventually led to my waking up alone on the bedroom floor with a fever too high to reach for my phone and call for help.

Karen's inspirational message will lift you into new hope, joy and peace for your journey."Dawn Raley, Co-Pastor, Calvary Church, Ormond Beach, FL back of book quote“Dehydration in our physical bodies can be very dangerous!!!

Spiritual dehydration can be even more dangerous!!!

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Classes, such as “Argumentation” and “Tradition and Change in Middle East Communication,” have allowed me to face my fears, challenge myself, and overcome my uncertainties.

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