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Maximillion Drake Thieriot, who was born in Los Altos Hills, California, grew up in the small town of Occidental. , “That, for me, is more exciting because the character is unknown and can do anything. Alfred Hitchcock is amazing, his movies are pretty awesome.“’Til Death Do You Part” is about two men who go to extreme measures to play savior to the women in their lives.After coming home from a day of filming the third and, what would be the final, season of the CBS sci-fi drama Under The Dome, Vogel interrupts his interview when his son enters the room. Just like any other parent on the phone, he tells his youngest, Gabriel to “go see Momma” until he’s done.

He has described himself as a "small town farmboy in general".

Bates Motel frequently films on location at their motel/house set which is located at 1060 272 Street, Aldergrove (Langley).

Other popular filming locations for Bates Motel include Steveston, Deep Cove and Horseshoe Bay.

Mike Vogel is just like any other 36-year-old family man.

He enjoys spending time with his three kids, being out in the country and has a strong work ethic.

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