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You can bet Miranda is over the moon now that she is officially a mother.

Every social…Andy Dalton’s wife Jordan Dalton married him July 9, 2011. In early September, Andy and Jordan took Noah to the aquarium. Before training camp started, Andy made it a point to spend as much time as he could with Jordan and Noah.

After the photo Corey wrote “If you only knew” before adding a little later, “Honestly I’ve had enough I usually keep my mouth shut and don’t say much but yeah you’ll see.” Corey then tweeted at Jeremy asking, “What do you think? t storm but this Bud Light is smooth.” Also in town for the “sh! Randy Houska, who would eventually hook up with the Saddle Ranch #Life After Leah party, but more on that in a minute.

First, I wanted to share what is always one of my favorite things to come out of every Fast forward just a bit and Randy gets a bit jealous of the #Life After Leah crew.

Brooke Wehr and Jeremy Calvert began dating last year after he split from Leah Messer, and although they took a brief break at the end of 2015, they are currently quite happy with their rekindled relationship.

On Twitter, both Wehr and Calvert have been fairly silent in regard to the ongoing drama of Teen Mom 2, but last week, before traveling to NYC to film the reunion and after shows, Wehr shared a couple of re-tweets about Messer.

Wifey of: Tom Brady, New England Patriots A vet of the WAG game, Tom Brady's wifey supermodel Gisele Bundchen could probably teach half the ladies on this list what being a WAG is all about.

Never scared to speak her mind to the press or allow Tom Brady to do ridiculous shit with his hair, Gisele's a first ballot HOF wifey like her man's a first ballot HOF player.

AJ Green’s wife Miranda Brooke tied the knot with him in March of 2015. What’s better than a hot dog stand at a wedding, you tell me?

Tishana Jones, whom was formerly named Tishana Holmes and you have to imagine at least a handful of customer service reps made the mistake for Tishana Jones even before she was married.

Okay, you get the point; the two names are very similar.

The baptism could be a monumental moment for Winston, who has had several off-the-field issues throughout his college career.

meeting up for what promises to be one of the most dramatic reunions in reality show history! And he shared these videos of Corey and Jeremy riding a mechanical bull! Randy added, “their group was scheduled first up this morning. Perhaps he was with Chelsea and Taylor at a #Life After Adam party?

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